Hey yall! Its me, Jen and I’m back! I’m back to another food related review lol. I recently went to a food truck that serves Mexican food called Romanti-Ezer. I stopped by here on my way home from the library with my sister and her friend. We were going to order Chinese food for take-out from Stone Age, but when I called they had already closed. So, we opted out for something else, burritos.

I had seen this truck SO many times before but I never felt the desire to try it because I was like, “Oh they probably just have some whatever burritos,” but I was wrong lol.

We went and I ordered a California burrito that was a beef burrito and had french fries in it. Before that day, I had heard about the California burrito but I had never tried it. I’m glad I tried it because I was thinking of just getting some average beef burrito, but I realized, “I eat the same type of burritos all the time. I should at least try out something that I won’t eat anytime soon and see what its like.” So I did.

After ordering, we were given these gold coins to go into the gas station and pick out a drink. I didn’t really want a drink to be honest because I’m just trying to look out for my health but you know… sometimes you just can’t say no. 

So about the burrito…. I was extremely impressed. My sister didn’t like it but I would feel more than happy to go again and get the same burrito. The fries complimented the taste because they were  super soft and I added a bit of salsa, MM!! So good! The salsa was pretty spicey and considering I eat spicey food ALL THE TIME, I’d recommend not adding to much salsa if you don’t eat spicey food often. But over all, I’d give this truck a rating of 10/10 for experience, price, and taste. Definitely would recommend!

Well that’s all for this week, sorry it was a little boring, but life hasn’t been all that interesting other than the fact that summer is almost here!!

Signing off, Jen!


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