Boba Privilege?

Hey guys! I’m back again! This makes me really embarrassed but I’ve been trying to get my weekly dose of milk tea but… I’ve been pretty broke lately. I did recently go to a concert like a month ago, but the ticket was $250 plus some merchandise “I” bought at the concert, in total it ended up adding to $305. And I say “I” because I didn’t even buy it, my sister did, so now I’m in debt. But another concert was announced to be in downtown L.A. and my sister decided we’re going, so now I owe her $94 more! The total then ends up being $399, plus merchandise she’s going to get me at the venue! Any normal person would be like, “What is wrong with you? Stop spending money you don’t have.” but luckily  recently began the process of starting a job. However I feel screwed over because I was doing an after school program that was going to pay $250 me at the end of second semester but then they told me that they didn’t have enough funding to pay me? Like excuse me, you could’ve told me sooner.

On the bright side my sisters understand and have patience and I’m going to start working soon and hopefully get a summer job. You might be wondering how I even got milk tea this week if I don’t have money, but may I tell you, my friend was sweet enough to buy me a tea because that’s what really good friends do right?  I mean we buy each other food all the time and basically never pay each other back anymore because it’s too much to keep track of.

To get the tea we went to the place we ALWAYS go to. Stone Age. It’s funny because were regulars at this place and the workers would recognize us when they saw us come in and they knew that we were going to get boba right away and sometimes when one of us would come alone they’d always ask something like “Just you today?” and it it really made me and my friend feel comfortable with the workers. Recently though, they seem to have hired three new workers, which is good because it’s nice to see they’re making enough money to hire people.

However, my friend and I were talking and we both agreed that we feel nostalgic because when the “OG” workers used to add extra boba or jelly. It almost feels like we lost our boba privileges even though we are regulars at Stone age , the new workers just don’t know. And it just felt a lot more comfortable with them because they already knew us. Don’t get me wrong they’re also really nice, we just don’t know them yet. But, that’s exactly why we agreed that we have to go more often and buy more boba and milk tea so we can “earn our privileges back” lol.

As for the actual tea itself, I ordered honey green milk tea, but the dude who made my drink messed up my order. Instead of honey green milk tea, he made a honey milk tea, but I’m actually glad he messed up because I don’t think I’ve ever tried a regular honey milk tea and I actually really enjoyed it. I ordered it with lychee jelly instead of boba and this gave it a sweeter taste. It was kind of a weird combo, but definitely recommend… 9.75/10 because it could’ve used more jelly :)).

Signing off, Jen.


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