Quality All Around

Heyyyy, so remember last week when I was telling you guys how BROKE I am. Well, I’m still broke. BUT, I’m having a job training today and got offered a little side job! The little side job I was offered is basically just taking care of, supervising kids games and doing face painting. I’m excited because since I’m in debt +$400 with my sister, I’ll be able to pay her back and not feel guilty.

Earlier this week though, my friends had to repaint a wall that was graffitied, so I tagged along.

We came here after school and just so the time would be more enjoyable, we stopped by the usual… Stone Age and recieved some mini “exciting” news lol. One of the OG’s from Stone Age is back! He recognized us when we came in and even said hi. It feels good seeing familiar faces just because it brings back old times of when we used to come to Stone Age way more often and get a TON of boba.

Mmm yeah. So we went to Stone Age and I   ordered and original milk tea while my friend ordered a honey green milk tea, but may I say, THESE PEOPLE KNOW HOW TO MAKE QUALITY TEA. I cannot stress enough how much I recommend you who is reading this to go and get yourself some damn boba 😫. I know I may be exaggerating but I’m just trying to get my point across. Go. Get yourself some boba. Oh yeah, 10/10 for tea quality, taste, and customer service!

On our way to the painting site, we saw el elotero. “El elotero” translate to the corn man or corn vendor and that’s exactly what he is, but other than corn he sells classic Mexican snacks and street food. If you take a look above, you’ll see classic potato chips on the right with tapatío and limón. On the left are chicharrónes with tapatío. Maybe it’s just because I grew up in a neighborhood with tons of eloteros around, it always makes my day when I see them and am able to buy some because boy does it taste good.

There’s no way to really describe the taste of this authentic food, but all I’m going to say is do yourself a favor and find an elotero and treat yourself to the authentic flavor of Mexican street food. 10/10 for me, but let me know if you’ve ever tried Mexican street food and what you thought of it!

Signing off, Jen.


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