Big Straw, Big Sip

So last week, I went to a new boba place! Yeah that’s right, I did. Last week I went to Oxnard (about an hour from where I live) to go buy groceries because my mom had heard that the food is cheaper there. It was really hot and my sister and I were considering getting ice cream but I thought “You know what, if I’m in a city that I don’t live in or come to that often, I might as well try something new because I’m not going to be back until a while.” So I did.

I went to a place called Bigstraw Boba. My sister got annoyed because she was driving and we couldn’t find it so she kept questioning me which ended up annoying me too. Eventually we found the boba place so that was good, but best part of it all, my dad offered to pay. Knowing my dad, it’s a huge surprise because he either never has enough money and my mom is always having to pay for everything.

When we walked in, we noticed this boba place had a really chill vibe. It reminded me of 805 Boba, but with more interesting and diverse flavors. While we waited, we sat on a bench that was connected to the wall, but what was cool was the there was cushions on the wall so that if you sat down, your head would be rested on a cushion, so that was also pretty cool. As for what we ordered, my mom and dad ordered sour sop boba, my sister ordered horchata with boba, and I ordered my boba split in two with passion fruit on one side and lychee tea on the other. And I’m really sorry I don’t have any pictures of my family’s drinks! I felt too awkward to take pictures in the store because I felt like an annoying kid obsessed with my phone or that person who has to take a picture of everything they eat even though… that could kind of be me…

Anyway, this was my drink and again I’m really sorry I couldn’t get anymore pictures! I do have to say that the tea was a little bit sweet, but that wasn’t such a big deal for me. However for the most part, the boba was nicely cooked and the tea was average, just like any other good tea, but it was good. My mom and dads however, was it was creamy, but cold and really good! My sisters drink was a little bit too “cinnamon-y” for her taste, but I liked it. My overall rating would be 8.5/10 just because the drinks were a bit sweet.

That’s all for this week, but be prepared for next weeks exciting blog post!! Stay tuned. Signing off. Jen.


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