The Exor’dium

For this weeks blog, I won’t be reviewing boba. I’ll be sharing my first concert experience. I didn’t even have money for this concert lol. I paid $250 and bought concert merch worth $55. I didn’t even pay for it, my sister did, so now I owe her $300… I don’t care though because I’m getting paid soon and I’ll be able to pay her back and it was all for an amazing experience :)).

I went to the concert with my older sister and our 3 friends and at the concert we met 3 super nice girls that were there alone. One of the girls we met in line had come from Seattle. SEATTLE. For me that’s a little extreme, just because I never have money, but I admire the commitment. We also ended losing her in the crowd in the actual venue .The two others girls we met, it was also their first concert and we all ended up following eachother on social media. There’s also this dude I follow on instagram named Kellen whose really and was going to be at the concert  and I met him!  It was one of the things that made my day  aside from the concert.

By the time we were in line for merch (which was after a 4 hour line), we stood in the sun for another 30 minutes to an hour and everyone was starting to feel super lightheaded and drained. Most people were just dehydrated but other got sick and had to go to the hospital, which sucks because they paid money for the concert, but now have to pay hospital bills. Not to mention the venue SUCKED at organizing because people who had seated ticket ended up in the line for pit and actually got in the pit? Like, no. Not okay. I’m not going to lie, it was a LONG day, but who am I kidding? It was so worth it.

And if you’re wondering who I went to go see, you can look them up. All I’m going to say is that it is a group called EXO, because the rest is too embarrassing to explain lol.

Signing off, Jen.


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