The Go-To

As the week narrows to the weekend I always find myself super excited for the weekend. Like a little too excited because I’m always let down that the weekend felt so short. Literally, I get home late enough on Friday nights to just crash, so I do. Saturday mornings I usually sleep in because I mean why not?What bugs me though, is no matter how much I try to relax, I eventually have to do my homework and it takes up SO MUCH of my energy that I no longer feel satisfied with the rest that I had taken.

But oh well, what are you gonna do. The best we can do is just grab a cup of coffee and just carry ourselves forward with a goal as our priority because if it weren’t for that, who would we be? Or instead of coffee… we could stop and grab some bomb ass Mexican food, an absolute go-to, right? If I had to recommend any place, it would one of the two best places that I know and one of those would be La Tapatia. It’s a restaurant with food that any Mexican whose childhood was in that of a culturally embellished household can agree that the food is truly authentic.

For example, I ordered the simplest dish I could ask for which was enchiladas de salsa roja con queso. It’s basically corn tortillas that have been cooked and dipped in salsa. Then as they’re laid out you can just add cheese, chicken, or anything else. Then after that, they’re rolled up and topped with more cheese, cream and sometimes veggies. I just ordered some with cheese in it because that’s what I grew up eating as a kid. To drink I got guava juice, also a classic. It has a sweet taste that sweet but not too sweet, ya feel?

You can see my drink in the picture with my food but I just had to show you all a picture of the sodas because they looked so pretty. It sounds weird to say, but just all the bright and vibrant colors remind me of my culture and how incredibly lively it is. It’s crazy to think that stuff as simple as food can make you feel more at home than anything else.

Well it was fun, coming back on here and ranting about food again. Jen, signing off. šŸ™‚


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