Double Birthday :)

Hey guys! I’m going to be honest, this week FINALLY wasn’t as bad as others. It might be because I had my annual physical check up on Monday and I spoke with my doctors about my sleeping habits and procrastination and we both agreed that it is time to re-evaluate what I’m doing and manage my time better, so that’s what I tried to do this week an it worked! I felt more productive, motivated, and awake in class! Today was also a great day because new music dropped and just in case you guys wanted to check it out, its called “Dream in a Dream” by Ten. The dancing in the music video is really nice and the video’s aesthetics were just spot on, so I highly recommend!!

However, more important than that was both of my best friend’s birthdays this week! You can see one of them up above, Jasmine, who’s birthday was actually today, April 6th. Above her is the gift I gave her (not the glasses, just what’s inside the bag)! Unfortunately we didn’t really do anything but my friend’s dad did bring he Thai food for lunch! He brought Pad Thai from a restaurant located on Milpas st called Your Place. I can honestly say that the food was absolute quality! The noodles in the Pad Thai were just right because I don’t remember even thinking “hmm they can be better.” It was more of and experience where I ate them and was like, “it’s nothing ‘mind blowing’ but it is good.” But what did stand out to me was the tofu in the Pad Thai. It was soft but still solid and didn’t have a strong taste.

After school I did want to get her something aside from the gift I got her, so I got her out go-to drink from our go-to place. Boba from Stone Age. She ordered a green milk tea and I ordered a tea called Okinawa which is a brown sugar milk tea. I know what you must be thinking… it must be sweet right? To be honest it is sweeter than the other teas on the menu, possibly one of the sweetest, but it’s not bothersome. However, I do have to warn you… Do not drink this tea too fast! Or honestly, any milk tea. If you drink it too fast you could get a stomach ache and feel sick after because it’s happened to me before so take your time and enjoy the tea! As always, the chewy factor of the boba was PERFECT and the Stone Age staff were as kind as always!

Overall, this week was a good week because it was filled with productivity and laughter. So as I always do, I recommend you to find your time relax stay grounded.

Signing off, Jen :).


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