Green Spring

Finally,the week I was waiting for has come! Spring break. But of course, still full of homework to complete. On top of that, I got sick this week. But obviously, that didn’t stop me from getting a weekly dose of my tea!

This week I went to a place that I have been too before. One that you guys might have remembered that I wrote about in a previous blog post. I went to Highway Karaoke. To be honest I felt like I was too nice for a place like highway karaoke. Not “too nice” but I feel like the workers have a more sarcastic way of talking or something like that. The first first time I went I just asked for tea and I fogort to ask for boba and the cashier said “Really? Nothing. Even after I just made it.” So I just said “Yeah okay, with boba.” This second time that I went, the place was pretty empty so my sister and I went up to order and I asked if I could have a matcha green milk tea with boba but unfortunately, it turned out that they were out of boba, so I asked for jelly. He then asked me what kind and I guess I just kind of froze because I hadn’t seen the different jellies they had so I was confused. He just looked at me, raised his eyebrow, and pointed to the different jellies on the counter. It wasn’t that he said anything rude, just the way he said it and looked at me made me feel dumb.

I got a matcha green milk tea with lychee jelly. The tea was good because it wasn’t too sweet. There wasn’t too much jelly it wasn’t very sweet either which kind of threw me off a bit just because I’m used to drinking milk tea with a lot of sweet jelly, but you could say that my opinion regarding the jellies is a bit biased because of past experiences.

However, aside from the fact I should probably become more assertive before coming back here, I would like to say, their teas are very flavorful and I would rate them 9/10. If you’re a softy like me I would suggest knowing what you want before coming here, but if you’re not then I think you’ll be just fine. Take care everyone :).


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