Stress feat. Thai Tea

This past week, has been full of lots of stress once again. Most of my stress is being generated by the fact that in my English class, we began to write out our outlines for a synthesis type essay and I realized my thesis was wrong. It’s one of those things were I was like “Okay. This is solid. My ideas are are clear enough to understand.” Apparently, my thesis was the complete opposite and now I have to scrap the whole thing and redo it in one night along with all the other work I have to do. The other work I have to do are some 3 page history notes that require a lot of reading and usually take about 4 hours to get most of them done. Not to mention I have a geometry final tomorrow (Friday) and there are two concepts that I’m completely lost on no matter how much I review.  Just to add to my pile of stress, is a Spanish test that I have tomorrow, but don’t worry guys, I’m totally okay :’).

Honestly though, I think I’m overreacting. I just need to sit down and crank out all of my work, shed a few tears, and hope I get at least 4 hours of sleep tonight. Aside all the stress, there are still little things in my day that cheer me up. Like today a teaser for a song came out, I got milk tea, and just the other day I got a Thai tea smoothie with the all time favorite topping. Boba.

This week I went to a place called Spudnuts. This was actually the place where my boba obsession began thanks to my friend Jasmine, but it’s obviously not a bad thing if I enjoy it so even if I’m spending money, it’s worth it.

This week I got Thai Tea in a smoothie form. Thai tea is made from strongly brewed black tea and sweetened with condensed milk, usually served over ice, however I got it in smoothie form instead of liquid. If you take a look at the picture below, you’ll see my drink. You’ll notice that the tea is VERY orange and I personally like that just because its a nice for pictures speaking in terms of color.

As for the flavor of my drink, I enjoyed the tea smoothie a lot. I’ve tried Thai Tea smoothies from other places and sometimes is doesn’t even taste like it should. Iv’e tried one that tasted too milky. Thai tea contains caffeine which my favorite part and that’s why I didn’t like the one that was too milky. However this Thai Tea smoothie had just enough caffeine to wake me up but not make me feel uneasy. The boba was okay. It could’ve been a little more cooked but the drink made up for it.

Would I recommend this place? Yes, firm 8.5/10. Tell me in the comments, How do you like your Thai Tea? Hot, iced, or in a smoothie?


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