Pipeye Tacos

Hey hey hey! How have you all been? Just in case you were wondering… I’m great. I mean recently I’ve been listening to really catchy music, on repeat but not 24/7 because then it would get old. You feel? Anyways, in case you’re wondering who I’m listening to, its Enrique Iglesias. I like his music because it reminds me of my culture and all the great things that come with it. Aside from music, a big part of my culture is food. Latin food just… it’s so delicious. In fact, just recently, I went to an all time favorite food truck, Tacos Pipeye. 

Tacos Pipeye offers delicious, authentic, Mexican tacos at a great price. The tortillas (for the tacos) are made by hand. Tortillas made by hand? Whether you’ve tried them or not, just know, it changes the whole thing. So for example, if you were to put store bought corn tortillas up against hand made for tortillas, store bought wouldn’t stand a chance. I know it might sound a bit exaggerated but it’s true. Handmade tortillas beat store bought ANY DAY.

As you can see, above is the menu. Out of so many options I had to go with three tacos al pastor. Tacos al pastor are just seasoned pork tacos. I also got a drink called champurrado. Champurrado is a chocolate based atole and atole is a warm, thick Mexican drink , which as you can also see, is right below.

The champurrado unfortunately was average. I’ve had so much different types of atole that i’ve become pretty picky about it. I’m like Goldilocks when it comes to atole. I like it thick but not too thick.

The tacos though! The tacos were absolutely AMAZING. The pork is seasoned just right and although I know some people that don’t like their taco meat all chopped up, I do. It give it a better taste in my opinion because all of the meat cooks right and it’s easier to eat. You can’t see it but on my taco, I put salsa, onions, cilantro, and lemon. I always put red salsa on my tacos because it looks spicier. Up to this point, I’ve never been let down by the salsa, it’s always spicy. Come to think of it,  I’ve never been let down by the tacos in general. Overall, I’d  the Champurrado 7/10 and the tacos 10/10.

Comment below if you’ve ever had super delicious tacos! Out of 10 what would you rate it?


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