Beef N’ Boba

Hey hey hey! How have you all been? Just in case you were wondering, I’m great. Actually no. Not really. This week has been so stressful guys! I had five tests this week. How I did on those tests… let’s just say I don’t like to think about the past…

Well aside from all that, I did—like I always do—find time  to relax my mind and smile, all while consuming countless calories. Wow, I’m such a multi-tasker, aren’t I? Wondering where I went? Take a look below!

Well as you can see, I went to Hana Kitchen. I originally went just to try out their boba, but I was compelled to get some food too and I’m glad I did. What I ordered was a passion fruit slush with boba and a beef bowl.

Honestly, I can’t remember if the wait was long or not… I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that long because if it was I would have remembered. I don’t know, maybe I just got distracted because there was a guy that I saw there that resembled someone very famous… There was a guy sitting at one of the tables that at first when I saw him, I thought it was Donald Trump. Truthfully, when I saw him I felt uneasy. Not that I’d be scared by him because I mean, nothing really to be afraid of. Anyhow, I took a second look and realized it wasn’t him.

Shortly after talking to my sister about the Donald Trump doppelganger, I heard my order be called. In the picture above is my passion fruit slush and behind it it my sisters mango slush, both with boba. The only thing I found bothersome about my boba was that it was too sweet and oddly, the boba at the bottom of my drink wouldn’t mix with the smoothie. If you can tell by the picture above, it looked as if something was separating the two.

As for the food, it was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S. It was simply beef on top of some leafy greens and white rice. It didn’t have any too strong flavors and I appreciate that. It was a light type of savory. 

Do I recommend the boba? Personally, probably not. Unless you have a sweet tooth. Would I eccommend the food? Yes. It’s sold at a great price for the size. The “mini” size bowl was more than enough for me because I ended up a good amount of left overs home. Out of 10, I’d give the boba 5. The beef bowl on the other hand, deserves a 8/10 just because the meat had some fat. Overall though, I prefer the meal over the drink.


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