Hey peeps! This last Saturday was a pretty slow day for me… I had to stay home and wait for a COX worker to stop by and install the cable connection at the house that we recently moved into. What I decided to do was do homework while I waited for them in my living room… I know right, how fun. Aside from the fact that I knew I had homework to do but decided to start a new show, I realized I was also hungry. I ate oatmeal with almond milk but by then, I was starting to crave bubble tea… Of course I still had to wait for the COX worker to arrive so that’s what I did.

After the COX worker left, I went to this place by my house called Highway Karaoke.


The weather was foggy and that put me in a mellow mood. Honestly, I felt guilty going because I hadn’t done any homework. Instead I had started a new show, but I couldn’t help clicking the next episode. The show is Who Are You : School 2015. Yeah it’s a long title but the show is only 16 episodes. It’s kind of like Switched at Birth, but better.  I keep getting told that I’m too obsessed with that show because it’s distracting me from doing homework… oops, but I do suggest you guys watch it! rosemilkteaatpark_edited

Since we’re being honest here, the drink I got, Rose Milk Tea was exactly like the tea I recently blogged about (blog post: Stoned Roses)  which was Rose Black Tea. In terms of quality, there was essentially no difference. Both teas went down very smoothly. Boba was also cooked nicely, I little bit chewier that I’m used to but it’s better than being under cooked right?


Since the rose milk tea was just like the rose black tea, I decided to make a quick stop to good ole Stone Age 2 days later. This time I made sure to get a different tea. That tea you see on the left, that’s mine. It’s a hazelnut milk tea. I’m those type of people who really appreciate a quality taste when it comes to nutty flavors and boy how do I even explain it? Will Stone Age ever fail me? The boba was had just the right amount of nuttiness. Anymore, it would’ve been to bitter. Any less and it would’ve been to milky. This hazelnut milk tea is definitely one of the teas in my  most appreciated list. Out of 10? I’d rate this tea an 9.5 because if you drink it too fast you might feel sick… Of course that wouldn’t be the tea’s fault, it’d be yours but yeah…


Well here’s just my tea in a different environment… enjoy :).


Also have you ever seen Who Are You : School 2015? If you haven’t would you watch it? (If you’re thinking no, I highly suggest you change that to a yes).


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