Stoned Roses

Hey peeps! This last Friday was a rainy day, my favorite type of weather. I enjoy cold weather WAY more than hot weather. In the cold weather, you can get comfy and layered up, but in hot weather, there is no getting comfortable. If I’m wrong, let me know in the comments and please give me some tips on how to tolerate the heat!

On this rainy day, my friend and I decided to stop by a Chinese restaurant called Stone Age after school. We had already been to this restaurant numerous times before and naturally as we started to go there more often, the people who worked there recognized us more often.


Almost every time we walk in, we are greeted with “Hello! Here for the teas?” It’s funny because, we walk in and they already have the menus in hand. And they’re even nice enough to let us know that when they’ve run out of boba or jelly. stoneagecounter_edited

This last Friday, my friend an I decided to go for pretty simply teas and by simple, I mean a black rose tea with boba (far right) for me and a plain milk tea (middle) for her. The tea on the far left was for her little sister.3teassa_edited

One of my favorite things about the teas from this particular restaurant is the quality. The teas are sold at a reasonable price especially considering that they’re delicious. When I tasted my rose black tea, I couldn’t be more satisfied. There was a pleasant amount of rosey taste that went down very smoothly with the softness of the boba. The boba was cooked just enough to be slightly chewy but not gummy. I didn’t try hers or her sisters, but what I can say about mine is that it was the perfect drink for the mellow and drizzly weather.


Here (in the picture above) my friend and I just casually stood out in the drizzle with no concern for our teas. Of course I had no idea what we were thinking, but we did it anyway for the picture.The good thing is, nothing no huge amounts of water got into for teas, so there was no unusual taste. Overall, I would rate this rose black tea a 10/10 because the taste quality was amazingly smooth and the boba was cooked just right.

So tell me, what’s your favorite weather? What food/drink helps you relax and enjoy that weather?


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